Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street CRIME TALLY!

Just posted this video today covering some of the more serious crimes committed by our gentle friends in the Occupy movement. It turns out that there's an exhaustive list at, so if you want more fun facts about these degenerates, be sure to check it out. Meanwhile, check out the video and be sure to give me a thumbs up if you enjoy it (and subscribe to my channel for future videos).


  1. Brother- you are telling the truth like no one has before you. I agree completely- as a matter of fact I think you put a pretty clean spin on the whole thing. A lot of theses 'occupiers' just want to raise hell and begat chaos. Keep tellin' it like it is!

  2. well said and please keep it up. They just want attention as they have nothing better to do except as you say get a job or volunteer-----lots of place would appreciate the help. You dropped to their level with your last sentence....we don't need to use the f word to emphasize the well done points you made

  3. Such a cliche-ridden rant.

    On the other hand, the Tea Party is full of racists, so I guess tit for tat, right?

  4. I seen this happen before in others countries. Nothing gets better if you don't take the streets. This is just the begining of a movement that can change the goverment to put a brake on the greed of banks and corporations. All unemployed people, that have their jobs moved to China, apreciate this fight and support it. Like the person that posted the comment before me: "Such a cliche-ridden rant". Typical of an american that consume all the lies that polute the TV and brainwash people 24/7/365.

  5. Mostly all true in the present context. In the enduring context, capitalism must maintain a social outlook (a progressive tax structure... which it is currently failing to do), or it becomes just as creepy as all the other fiefdoms out there.
    "I know what work is, and I know how much it pays."

  6. If you are the unlikely conservative, I am most certainly the unlikely liberal. My background is riddled with ancestors who turned in their grave when I registered as a Democrat rather than vote for St Ronald back 1980. If you want honest conversation, then using terms like degenerate, criminals is no better than what the fringe from the left uses for those on the right, no matter how unlikely their inclusion is.

    There are axes to grind on both sides. Using trash talk does not help either side. All it does is gird the loins of opposition from both.

    I applaud any group who heads to the street to voice their displeasure, Tea Baggers included. In my opinion, the right of protest is one of the most important rights we have, no matter the gripe.

    My observations so far:

    OWS attendees are undisciplined in their action, but have some very important concerns.

    Tea Baggers are disciplined in their actions, but scatterbrained when it comes to ideology.

    Both want to tear down whatever it is we have for a system. They just want different results.

    BTW - I found you by way of "P's" blog.

  7. I cannot help but laugh at the irony of the previous post. First, the poster says you cannot have honest conversation using terms like degenerate and criminal. He then goes on to use Tea Baggers and scatterbrained to describe the Tea Party.

  8. Loved your You Tube post - as a fellow resident of Portlandia, it is refreshing to 'meet' someone with similar views and willing to speak out!
    Jill (NW Portland)

  9. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for the post! Speaking out has definitely been interesting. The death threats haven't been so fun, but overall it's been a very interesting experience. More videos to come, and even an Internet radio show, so check back here for more fun stuff...


  10. When the stock market totally crashes, and you lose your job, and you are homeless and hungry, the Occupiers will offer you a tent and some good food to eat and you will feel lucky.