Monday, October 31, 2011

How do you know when you're actually making an impact?

Well, this morning I woke up and saw this on

Yep, that's me at the top of the page with a screenshot from my little Occupy Wall Street rant. And if you can't see it, it says, "Our New Hero..."

When I posted this video, I figured maybe 30 people would see it. Now it's at over 150,000 views. If you haven't seen it, click here. Be sure to read some of the angry, semi-literate comments from upset OWS folks. Pretty interesting stuff, if not a bit scary.

Anyway after this was posted on, a producer from the Larry O'Connor radio show contacted me and asked if I was interested in being interviewed on his show. Of course I was!!

So you can hear me tonight around 9:25 Pacific time. Here's the address for the show, where it streams: 

And if you miss it live, you can check out archived shows after the fact on the site.

And finally, a quick word of thanks. Thanks so much for all of the really nice, supportive messages that you've sent me. I've gotten so many emails from people wanting to tell me they appreciate my little videos and my point of view, it's been very flattering. Keep 'em coming! I love to hear from you all.


  1. Loved the video, and I subscribed on Youtube, not just because I'm also trapped in Portland Metro. You should consider twitter as we've got some good old fashioned flame wars going on, in 140 character volleys, trying to fight the good fight.

    Of course, you may have a life... ;)

  2. I saw your videos on YouTube (GrandpasFavorite) and loved them! Your blog is awesome as well!

  3. I saw the video and it struck me that this is what happens in a country dominated by Fox News. Unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks now pass for commentary. I bet all the OWS protesters are all Muslims too and have any of them shown their birth certificates?
    I wouldn't have bothered to write this but you seemed completely unaware that what you were doing does not count as insight or editorial.

  4. Keep fighting the good fight Matt!! And welcome to the side of sanity, reason and rational. I love and respect my community and my fellow man. But I do it by standing up and protecting their freedoms, to do what they want, to say what want in pursuit of their dreams. But I will not cripple them by feeding their fears or insecurities about living in the real world by giving to them anything they have not rightly earned.

  5. In your video, it sounds like you know everything. Sounds like you know everybody's motivations and what everyone's thinking. You're all set for whatever life throws at you.

    You really know how to share wisdom. It's perfectly acceptable to reduce everyone to a cultural stereotype. You're really helping all Americans see how simple everything really is.

    I have a job. In your video, you put me in a group with you. Yet I don't presume to know everything and fictionalize when I don't.

    Don't you dare claim to speak for me ever again. May your arrogance, lack of understanding and assumptions destroy you over and over again. My hope is that your self-righteousness eats you alive and that your overblown self-confidence puts you to the test every day until it fails you. And it will.

    Have a nice day. Remember it when you have none left.

  6. Your story is made up, you surely never attended an assembly. Shelling the participants misses the point, that OccupyX made mainstream media and started conversations about ethics is what's important. You say/imply several things that I believe are true:

    1. we all feed the system of inequality by our uncritical, aspirational consumerism.
    2. we ignore the even greater inequalities in China so we can all have what we want for the cheapest price, like that's the most important criterion.
    3. OccupyX is disconnected from the reality of how to influence power and implement change.

    You tell a good story. Perhaps redirect your efforts at helping those who are seriously trying to think of ways to recentre the grand narrative of individual freedom and wealth creation towards a more responsible ethic, without the silly utopianism.

  7. My biggest complaint with OWS, other than the obvious hypocrisy, is the lawlessness. Violent or not, the protesters are disobeying many of the city regulations regarding assembly, health, sanitation and safety. I believe in laws; when I think the laws are unfair, I vote for people to change them. Works for me.

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  9. You clearly relishing in the attention (and reminding of everyone to notice the 'Our New Hero' line) is really indicative of your motivations. Enjoy your 15 seconds of 'fame'.

  10. lol... I 100% agree with MWeb.

    You will probably insult the fact I used LOL, but I literally laughed out loud when I read his comment. Pure light cutting through the BS.

    Stop insulting people... "semi-literate comments"

    Your blog is only encouraging the occupy movement to react - and you're only going to get a knee-jerk response.

    Conversely you are encouraging people to speak out on their own. Your blog is so single-sided and opinionated I think "why should he have this propaganda machine, and I not?"

    So thanks dude, for being a true representation of the other evil in America.

  11. Gotta agree with MWeb and JShcrubbe here... You think this will decentralize the movement, help to shut it down? That's counter-intuitive logic my friend, since you seem to perceive these guys as hypocritical bullies. Hypocrites will take negative attention and make it positive in their favor, since that's what hypocrites do, right? And Bullies just like attention at all. Your own 'attempts,' at subduing OWS are only fanning the flames. Also known as, a knee-jerk reaction.

    Also, I wonder why you removed MWeb's original post. If it's for language, I might understand that, but of course, censorship actually violates Free Speech, so regardless, I can't abide by your choice to remove the comment. What are you so afraid of Matt? Perhaps that he made a fair, logical point that you cannot argue?

    And Gail, our country is founded on lawlessness, the violent kind. You should be proud that these protesters have stepped out of the dark ages in that regard and are doing everything they can to prevent loss of life. Without breaking the rules, we wouldn't be where we are today.

    Matt, frankly, I'm getting sick of your Ad Hominim attacks against the OWS movement. Did you never learn or take a course on Critical Thinking in High School or College? Attacking an individual doesn't destroy their credibility, it destroys yours.

    If you find something wrong with their movement, their ideals, then attack the ideals, point out the fallacies within those ideals, but stop pushing this senseless tripe as a real argument. Learn how to make a point that will move people through logic, not make them angry. Pointing out crime tally's? Come on Matt, you're better than that. What was the crime-tally of the American Revolution? Considering it was essentially murder on both sides, by the thousands... I really can't see the hooplah about it here. These guys are just making use of their First Amendment Rights.

    And Schrubbe's right, if you can push this crap as an argument, then why can't I? Matt, you smell, you drink too many mai-tai's, you're too rich for me to like, and you ran that red light on some Wednesday. Oh, and you're from Oregon, no good can come of that. You're a total hypocrite! *Rolls eyes*