Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernadino and

Yesterday, it was as if I heard the simultaneous cries of a hundred millennials working at A collective gasp, if you will, when they found out the name of the San Bernadino shooters, revealing that they weren't white. You poor little leftist "journalists," what ever will you write about today, knowing that the shooters were Muslim? Someday Islamist extremists won't be a protected class and you'll be able to condemn their acts of violence, but until then, you youngsters at Salon can keep holding your breath, hoping for a Planned Parenthood shooting, or something else that'll let you direct your snark at conservative America.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Explaining Occupy Wall Street...

Since the Occupy movement began, I've heard many, many different explanations of what they're protesting and what they're trying to accomplish. I've had people call me every name in the book because I haven't researched their movement to figure out what the actual objectives are. 

So I posted a video asking members of the Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere else) movement to use the comments area to explain to the rest of us: 1) What exactly the Occupy movement is protesting against, and 2) what exactly they're trying to accomplish.

Now that it's been up for a few days, check out the comment section. There were a few thoughtful responses, but as I expected, nobody seems to have a clear vision what they're specifically trying to accomplish. Thankfully the movement is over, and when they hit the parks again next summer, maybe they'll have a realistic, articulated set of objectives...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

CH2M Hill's Crony Stimulus: Where Are The Occupiers?

Our friends in the Occupy movement have been protesting big corporations' influence over government and how crony capitalism is destroying our country for the little guy. And two months of destroying our public parks, drumming in circles, crapping in buckets and vandalizing businesses hasn't changed a damn thing, has it?

So Occupiers: If you want to change things, maybe you should Occupy CH2M Hill.

According to a report released today by Accuracy in Media, CH2M Hill has received nearly $2 billion in stimulus funds (yes, that's right: more than triple the amount received by Solyndra). And why did they receive so much of our taxpayer dollars? How else? Lobbying and campaign contributions. Here you go:
  • CH2M Hill, a consulting/engineering/construction firm, has operations in over 80 countries worldwide.
  • The company has been awarded almost $2 billion in Federal funds, more than triple the amount received by Solyndra
  • CH2M Hill was awarded $9.6 million to design Solyndra’s Freemont, California facility.
  • In the 2008 election cycle, CH2M Hill donated $45,000 to Senator Barack Obama.
  • In the 2010 cycle, 65 percent of all campaign contributions were made to Democrats.
  • CH2M Hill spent $455,000 on progressive lobbyists in 2010.
  • CH2M Hill hired and subsequently fired 1,350 employees after stimulus funding depleted.

Read the whole report, written by Rusty Weiss, at Accuracy in Media.

Why don't you Occupiers go after CH2M Hill? This is cronyism at its finest. And for those socialists among you who believe that the Stimulus Program saved us from the next Great Depression, think again.

Thankfully, winter is here, so the Occupy movement is all but over. But next spring when the sun comes out and you start up again, I'd suggest a more pointed attack, where you actually target the offenders themselves, rather than protest all the world's ills and hope your pithy signs and mic checks are actually going to change things.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: A One-Sign Summary

It's been over a month since I posted my little rant about the hypocrisy of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Based on the signs I saw on the news the day I shot it, the protesters were out there rallying against corporate greed (whatever that is). But 700,000+ views later, along with several death threats and literally hundreds of comments calling me the most vile names you can imagine, I still haven't heard a succinct explanation of what exactly the OWS movement is trying to do. I've received dozens of different explanations as to what they're protesting and what they're trying to accomplish. Probably time to re-group and work up a little mission statement? I think so.

But then I was forwarded a picture (which originally appeared at The picture really does sum up the entire movement:

This image is incredibly powerful. Look at it again. Read it again.

I'm starting to think we really are screwed. Throughout the OWS movement, I've been heartened by messages I've received, from people of all ages, who dismiss these protesters as a very loud, entitled minority with a pervasive victim mentality, out there shouting and trying to out-do each others' pithy signs, while the rest of us fulfill our responsibilities by working hard and being accountable for our own success or failure. But looking at this picture makes me nervous.

Anyway, there you have it. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Drop me a comment below; tell me how you feel about this image...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family-Friendly Version of "A Day in the Life" Video Posted

When I first posted my little rant video, "A Day in the Life of an Occupy Wall Street Participant," I had no idea what I was in for. Fan mail, hate mail, death threats, radio interviews, etc. Honestly, I didn't think more than 20 or 30 people would ever see the video.

But one thing that did surprise me (though it shouldn't have) was how many people were offended by my use of profanity, specifically the "F" word at the very end. But as it turns out, a lot of folks wanted to share the video on their Facebook pages and show it to their kids, so I can see why they didn't appreciate my delivery.

Anyway, the other night two people requested that I post an edited version so that they could more comfortably share the video with more people. So Friday I bleeped out the bad words and put a new one up. Click here to see it.

So if any of you felt uncomfortable about sharing this video due to the 'blue' language, here's your chance. When I first recorded it, it was really just to vent, but the more positive feedback I receive, I'm starting to actually believe it makes valid points and shows the silliness of the Occupy Wall Street movement. So do me a favor and post it to your Facebook page. I can guarantee that your friends will either love it or hate it...

And once again, HUGE thanks to everyone for all the messages of support. It's pretty heartening to know that I'm not alone out here. Witnessing the OWS delinquents can make you lose faith in our country, but after all the loving, supportive messages I've received from hard-working, responsible Americans (and Canadians!!!), I have total faith that all will be fine. We just need to keep fighting the good fight, you know?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street CRIME TALLY!

Just posted this video today covering some of the more serious crimes committed by our gentle friends in the Occupy movement. It turns out that there's an exhaustive list at, so if you want more fun facts about these degenerates, be sure to check it out. Meanwhile, check out the video and be sure to give me a thumbs up if you enjoy it (and subscribe to my channel for future videos).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Video: Elizabeth Warren - "There is Nobody in This Country That Got Rich Alone"

I realize Elizabeth Warren's little speech about the factory happened a couple months ago, so it's old news. But I keep seeing the transcription posted on people's Facebook pages as they subtly vilify business people who create new business, take risks, and ultimately drive our economy by creating jobs. I just rolled my eyes the first 20 or so times I saw her words, but after a while, my blood was boiling. I decided to shoot a little video telling why I found her speech condescending and offensive. You can watch it here:

Enjoy the video, and be sure to share it with friends if you agree (or disagree) with the sentiments. And as always, be sure to give me a thumbs up and a positive comment if you have the time.

Stay tuned for more...